About Ver3?


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About Ver3?

Post by lanslot » 2018/07/31 03:28

sorry,i don't know where to put this topic,if wrong ,please move it to right place.
I haven't used arbor in a long time, I found it upgraded to ver3
but i don't know how big different between ver2 and ver3
so why should i pay for this upgrade?
and can you tell me the reason why i should use the new version,i think most users all wanna know that.
my english is not good, If I don't use the right words in some places, Please forgive me.thank you

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Re: About Ver3?

Post by caitsithware » 2018/07/31 04:02

The big difference between Arbor 2 and 3 is the addition of BehaviourTree and hierarchy of graph.


BehaviourTree is a graph that makes it easier to organize complicated AIs that are difficult to manage in FSM.

It becomes a graph editor like Behavior Designer.

Manual : BehaviourTree

Hierarchy of graph

In the hierarchy of graphs, you can organize the graph as "Root FSM -> Action selection BT -> Action FSM".

Since Arbor 3.1.0, it became possible to execute the prefab graph as a child graph, so I think that it is easier to combine AIs that behave similarly.

Reference : SubStateMachine
Reference : SubStateMachineReference

For detailed changes please refer to Release Note.
Release Notes


Asset store guidelines recommend publishers to discontinue old versions.
Therefore, we can only fix defects in the new version.
We will recommend upgrading if you plan to use it in the future.

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